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MIC the DJ Bio

Each element to planning an event is crucial, and you should NEVER have to stress about the music to set your mood. Just leave it to MIC the DJ to set the tone for your perfect get-together! With over six years of Doing experience and almost two decades in the music industry, Mic knows a thing or two about finding the right rhythm that countless people will enjoy. From weddings and anniversaries to backyard BBQs and charity events, there is no limit to his capabilities! He will always accent your event and bring it to the next level without stealing the show. Mic is also a timely professional within the entertainment business and is quick to respond to any and all messages. He has a track record for appearing on time and going above and beyond to make sure you have the best experience possible. Mic’s only goal is to unlock that childlike joy, only music can bring someone, and he hopes that someone is you!

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