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Thanks for Booking with Hottness DJ Services

Unlike the food, venue, or decorations that tend to be forgotten with time, attendees at events always remember the excellent entertainment they were served for a long time. So, why not book Hottness DJ Service to make your event memorable for years to come? A simple $150 deposit will secure the date of your party.

The difference between a great and a bad event, party, or social gathering is often the entertainment. Thanks for making the right choice when hiring your entertainer. Book your event today, and we will be glad to get started on the preparations.

A $150 Non-Refundable Deposit is required to finalize your booking.

Did you book a Photo Booth?

​Our Flash Fire Photo Booths are booked separately and need to be paid upfront before your event.  After you have paid your deposit for DJ services and you also added a photo booth to your event, please pay for this service by clicking on the "Pay Now" button you see below.

A $350 payment is required to finalize

your Photo Booth booking.

Photo Booth Setup.png
For your booth only.

Thank You for booking with us!